2018. február 26., hétfő

Egyptian T-34/122

It`s comming finally!

Ryefield models has anounced the 1:35 scale version of he legendary Egyptian T-34/122 !


In this occasion i`ll share with you 3 recent photos from the real , the only one surviving example what is owned by Ulrik Jung from Sweden !

Enjoy ! :)

2018. január 15., hétfő

Shadespire - The Sepulchral Guard

After a long brake I`ll update my blog with my latest work:

Shadespire - The Sepulchral Guard 

I have to say these figures are the best skeletons so far in the market , they are so thin and captures the essence of a skeleton army in a level that it is unbelievable. 
After a quick zenital light from airbrush I have applied the base colors with a fine brush and I have tried something new !

Using watercolors for the weathering !

I know it is quite unconventional but its work really well !
Its provides a really rich surface what cannot be achieved with a simple wash. It is flexible to work with it , if you don`t like it you can wash it down easily without damaging the underlying paint. You have to just use some cheap TESCO or any watercolor paint what comes in dry disks. The paint can be tinted water or thicker . It`s up to you. Apply the wash all over the surface evenly , pool it properly. It can be tricky because the surface tension but if you want to you can put a little washing up liquid into the water to make it flow. Personally I was used just water. After drying you can wipe it off the excess with your finger or a cotton bud.Also you can tidy up with a damp brush. Adding a little Lahmian Medium to the mix its makes the paint stronger , improving the adhesion. It is a must to seal it  , otherwise its come off instantly.

It`s a really quick way to add a surface texture quickly , and the further detailing can be improve with acrylics.


2016. szeptember 25., vasárnap

AOS - Slaughterpriest with hackblade

This is my version about this mini. I wanted to make it different than the official look. In my belief a slaughterpriest does not care about personal hygiene , so hairy chest is cool for it :)
What is matters for him is let the blood flow , nothing else ! ;) Blood for the blood god !

Ez az én verzióm erről a figuráról ami az új white dwarf-hoz jött.
Egy mészárospap nem törődik túl sokat a borotvált mellkassal , szóval jó szőrösnek festettem.
Ami számít neki hogy a vér follyon ! Vért a vér istenének !

2014. október 18., szombat

Biggin Hill 2014

I had a chance to visit Biggin hill in the last summer , it was spectacular air show !

Here comes a small history about the airfield:
Biggin Hill was a famous fighter station, which played a major role in the Battle of Britain and, despite repeated attacks, remained operational throughout. On November 2nd, 1939, a squadron from Biggin Hill shot down the first enemy aircraft of WW2, a Dornier Do17. It is now home to several warbirds owned and operated by the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar, based at the airport.

And the pictures :)

2014. szeptember 12., péntek

FURY - m4a3e8 Bovington Walkaround

I have took these photos from the vehicle back in 2011 in tankfest. It was in this condition:

 The nameplate has been removed for the movie version , and several decoration been added like : logs as additional armor , german gasmask etc...


a few photos from Silentstalker (http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/06/12/photos-from-normandy/):

two videos :

Please note that this vehicle is a postwar version in general , so if you want to build this vehicle you should use the korean version from the tasca kit.